50 minute solo piece

Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Dancer: Seth Buckley

Onírico is a solo that was born through researching strength in quietness, the space between, and fantasy. From beginning to end the work builds an illusory atmosphere that transcends imagination and captivates the attention of the viewer into a dreamlike world where time seems to not exist.

*ONÍRICO was awarded SECOND PRIZE for `Performance´ at the 23rd Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart.



22 minute duet

Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Dancers: Paula Montoya & Seth Buckley

Tom in high heels illustrates the joy of expression through pure movement research exploring physical stories, human relations, sensuality and playfulness. 


60 minute group piece

Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Dancers: Shannon Leypoldt, Meng Ting Liu, Seth Buckley & Carlos González

Persona deals with topics of gender roles, sexuality and identity. Each individual tells their own story while collectively challenging and struggling with the strict social constructs of our society. Art is not always a means to escape reality or to simply tell a story. ‘Persona’ offers a mirror that invokes self reflection by confronting the viewers with societal challenges through the experiences of the performers, while posing questions about self and outward perceptions, and the idea of “role playing”. 


15 minute trio

Choreography: Carlos González
Dancers: Seth Buckley, Fran Martínez & Mami Kawabata

Three individual mental stories in one room. Do they know each other? Do they see everything? Do we see everything? 



28 minute group piece

Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Dancers: Lorena Riera Colomar, Miriam A. Hernández, Marina Izquierdo, Violetta García, Myrto Tasioula, Raúl Rugarcía, Manu Rico Laguarda, Adrián Manzano, Ugo. (Laboratorio Danza180º) 

Photography: Jacobo Medrano

Video: Iker Karrera

Energy is carried through all kind of waves. The energy of some waves can be directly perceived with our senses. We are surrounded by energy that vibrates at different frequencies. We ourselves are energy. Love forces vibrate at the highest frequency and is the highest form of energy. 


Love In Waves is a physically charged piece that looks into energy and its capacity to expand, affect and exchange between others. The piece plays with the idea of altering energy and invites the audience to experience it in their own bodies.

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