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Sensorial Improvisation classes are open to the public. We invite participants to awaken their proprioception and connect to the body in movement and to it’s constant transformation. This work has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of its participants and it’s open to all bodies and ages, with or without prior experience in dance. Sharing transformative and pleasureful experiences through the presentation of our dance works, choreography, teaching and cultural mediation is another one of our focuses as artists.

The classes are primarily focused on a fundamentally physical research of the body, based in a rich imagination, physical sensations and a deep listening to the body. The tasks that are given during the class are layered in a way that creates a physically challenging and multi sensorial experience. The improvised nature of this exploration permits each participant to find their own personal and deep connection with their body in movement while stimulating the senses and imagination at the same time. The participants raise their proprioception and are encouraged to connect to pleasure, rhythm and joy as transformative forces.

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