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MYTIKA is a double bill show, created by internationally renowned Israeli choreographers Noa Zuk and Adi Salant. The program is made up of the pieces “Inner Story” and “Boxerman”, each lasting twenty minutes, linked by an interlude created by the company. With this production, EYAS is consolidated as an independent hybrid company between author and repertoire, generating an innovative and fresh structure that makes visible at a local and national level the work of women creators of great artistic interest and international prestige.

The title MYTIKA refers to the experience lived by the directors with these two creators, with whom they worked in their careers in Germany, relating this experience to myth as a revelation of new perspectives in dance creation.

Interlude, created to connect both parts, is a short piece in which the title of the work is resignified towards the creation of a mythical and memorable moment in time:

An explosive intervention in time. Vital, colorful, playful.
Two empowered accomplices who share their intimacy, strength and delight.
Fantasy creators.
Of fire without apologies.


60 minutes - Theater
4 dancers - Paula Montoya Lozano, Sybila Gutiérrez Poveda, Cristina Reolid Gómez & Seth Buckley


*All audiences

*Nominated for 'Best dance piece 2021' at the Valencian Cultural Institute's performing arts awards.

*Prize winner at the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2020


HIIT is a piece inspired by the cardiovascular training method that consists of repeating, alternating periods of high intensity anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods for a defined number of sets. HIIT explores the speed limits and intermediate ranges of the moving body, captivating the spectator with its frenetic rhythm and continous change of fantasy, where each individual experiences a very intense physical and emotional journey. 

HIIT is not only a dance performance, but it is also a powerful, immersive and sensorial experience that transcends the bodies of the performers and passes through each viewer in a unique, personal and transformative way. HIIT is speed, fatigue, vulnerability, power, and exhaustion.

Jupiter + Jaguar
Jupiter + Jaguar - EYAS DANCE PROJECT -.jpg

Júpiter + Jaguar

Júpiter + Jaguar is a synergy of ferocity, sensuality and playfulness, a journey of freedom and expansion.
The work is a powerful, pleasant and epicurean experience, with a flowing dance, a virtuous body writing, full of color, incendiary and electrifying, full of nods to wild worlds and irrigated with seduction.

15 minutes - 2 dancers - Theater|Street|Unconventional space
Direction & choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González

Dancers: Paula Montoya Lozano & Seth Buckley

*All audiences


"... Júpiter + Jaguar, una pieza digna de ser estudiada en una clase de estética. Ya que en los tiempos que corren donde están en permanente confrontación dialéctica lo deconstruido con lo reaccionario, ejemplos como esta pieza nos pueden ayudar a reorganizar nuestros conocimientos e impresiones, sobre una realidad que nos condiciona y nos define en tanto seres políticos.

Desde luego, Júpiter + Jaguar me pareció un trabajo espectacular, impecable y fresco en sus modos de exponer sus contenidos."

- Luis Alberto Sosa Berlanga (ACHTUNG! MAG)
25 de Junio 2022

“Jupiter + Jaguar es un llamamiento al danzar más profundo de uno mismo. Una obra suntuosa con una puesta en escena y música que consigue que el espectador no pueda permanecer quieto en el asiento. Sus intérpretes demuestran una complicidad única entre ellas, haciendo al público partícipe del intenso viaje de éxtasis sensorial y emocional que experimentan las intérpretes. La fuerza de Júpiter y la ferocidad del Jaguar no solo se perciben en la atmósfera de la obra, si no que hipnotizan al espectador a través de los rostros penetrantes y cuerpos expresivos de Paula Montoya y Seth Buckley.”

- Jorge Consuegra

11 de Octubre 2022



Onírico is a solo that was born through researching strength in quietness, the space between, and fantasy. From beginning to end the work builds an illusory atmosphere that transcends imagination and captivates the attention of the viewer into a dreamlike world where time seems to not exist.

50 minutes - 1 dancer - Theater
15 minutes - 1 dancer - Unconventional space|Theater

Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Dancer: Seth Buckley

*All audiences

“Onírico is possibly one of the best solo dance shows that can be seen. For its beauty, for its execution, for the rigor of its choreography that marks a clear path from the beginning, and for the construction of the dream world referred to in the title with true poetry of the body in its dialogue with space, sound and lighting. A true conquest of the space of silence."

- José Vicente Peiró (LAS PROVINCIAS)

*ONÍRICO was awarded SECOND PRIZE for `Interpretation´ at the 23rd Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart.

Specular Peculiar


A sequence of cosmic intersections, where time as we know it, is dissolved in the multiple dimensions of the body. Each creature explores the physical limits of their mass and the veiled bond that exists in each vulnerable meeting.

Digging into human nature and unearthly source, 𝗦pecular Peculiar is a ceremony to an unseeable reality.

20 minutes - 4 dancers - Street|Unconventional space|Theater
Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González

Dancers: Paula Montoya Lozano, Sybila Gutiérrez Poveda, Cristina Reolid Gómez & Seth Buckley

*All audiences