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EYAS Dance Project is a contemporary dance and producer company that was founded in 2018 by co-directors, creators and dancers Carlos González and Seth Buckley. Our goal as artistic directors is to share our creative language while enriching the work through collaborating with various dancers, international choreographers, musicians and other artists whom we admire and are inspired by. We are dedicated to sharing our language through stage, choreography, teaching, and cultural mediation.


Since its foundation, EYAS has presented works in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, Sweden and Spain, in festivals such as Madrid en Danza, Abril en Danza, Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada, Cuerpo Romo  and Circuito Bucles. The company has received various awards from prestigious choreographic competitions such as the Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart, MASDANZA, Certamen Coreográfico de Tetuán and the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid.

With more than 25 performances in 2022, a growing wave of excellent reviews and two nominations for best performer and best dance show at the 2022 Valencian Performing Arts Awards, the company has been mentioned in SusyQ magazine (August 2022 edition) as one of the emerging talents with the greatest projection in current Spanish contemporary dance.

Our proposal as a company is a physical and sensorial dance that does not necessarily require a literal narrative or theatrical thread as essential resources. We believe in the ability and power of dance to communicate and transmit on its own. We are interested in creating experiences that transcend the bodies of the performers and that reach each viewer in a unique and personal way.

Our creations as choreographers are mainly focused on movement research. We work as a team and enjoy challenging our habits and discovering new limits, encouraging research, introspection and continuous reinvention. We focus on layering information into our work, using tools such as fantasy, textures, form, sensations, changing physical stories, volume, gestures, delicacy and explosiveness, with the aim of enriching the choreography and the skills of the performers. We seek a broader physical experience that connects with the viewer through the body's natural empathic proprioceptive capacity, through the connection that is generated by observing another person embodying a deep physical or emotional experience.



Since the founding of our dance company and social project, our work has been informed by our research on topics and themes surrounding gender, sensuality, feminism, sexual diversity, women's empowerment, anti body terrorism and ethical human treatment. We prioritize creating safe spaces, guaranteeing worthy financial conditions, providing emotional support, practising conscious communication and bonding. Our artistic work is coloured by and envisioned through a Queer lens. Our inspiration draws from Queer artists from various mediums including fashion, make up design as well as musicians and performers from around the world. We are interested in the freedom of researching a full expressive range of possibilities and fantasies with the body and outside of matter.

We are a queer company that supports female, femme and LGBTQ+ creators and focuses on actively disrupting the systemic oppression that is perpetuated in dance companies, institutions and schools around the world. By honouring physical differences, we want to break free from the normative canons surrounding who and which bodies ‘belong on stage’. We approach the body without judgement and strive to eliminate all forms of body terrorism within and outside of the studio.


We believe in horizontality. Within our professional working environment, we take into account all human aspects of our entire team such as feelings, needs, insecurities and/or medical specifications.


We practice conscious transparent communication and positive reinforcement with all our company. We vehemently reject harmful, oppressive and fear-based tactics, that have extremely negative impact on the lives of many dancers, and are still so often used in academic and professional dance spheres around the world. 

We trust that receiving a formal dance education or being a professional dancer should never be a traumatic experience. Dancers who experience body shaming from their teachers and mentors, frequently carry that trauma with them throughout their education and professional careers, where the oppression is upheld by choreographers or directors. Although we are a dance company, we believe dance education institutions are just as much in need of reform as professional institutions.

We focus on humanity as the basis of how we work. This approach merges with our artistic vision, in which vulnerability and honesty in the interpretation of our dancers are cultivated and are also the main source that feeds our artistic language in creations and stage.

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