about us 

EYAS Dance Project is a contemporary dance company that was founded in 2015 by co-directors, choreographers and dancers Carlos González and Seth Buckley. Our goal as artistic directors is to share our own creative language and also enrich our work by collaborating with different international dancers, choreographers, musicians and other artists that we admire and that inspire us.


Since its foundation, EYAS has presented works in numerous theaters, festivals, competitions and other events in Europe and Asia. In July 2018, after several years working in Germany, we moved with our company to Madrid, where we continue producing and developing our work.

We are dedicated to sharing our language through performance, choreography and teaching. Our interest as choreographers is in pure movement and we fundamentally approach our creations from physical research. We focus on layering information onto the choreography, using tools such as fantasies, textures, form, sensations, changing physical histories, volume, gestures, delicacy and explosiveness, with the aim of enriching the movement and interpretation of the dancers.

What we offer is a physical and sensorial dance, which does not need a dramaturgical or theatrical thread as an essential resource. We believe in the ability and power of pure dance to speak and transmit on its own.

We like to work collaboratively, creating a laboratory environment, where the dancers participate in the research and development of the movement, at the same time we use choreographic material created by ourselves. We work with the interpreters as a team and enjoy challenging the limits and habits of the dancers, encouraging research, introspection and continuous reinvention.


“I became a dancer because of my desire to fly.” 

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

Pablo Picasso 
Trisha Brown
Pablo Picasso 
Friedrich Nietzsche

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